Ana Raab


During the summer of 2016, I traveled overseas completely on my own for the first time. Over the course of seven weeks, I wandered through Scandinavia exploring the Swedish heritage of my grandmother, made my way to Berlin by train, and confronted the stark beauty of Iceland—stretching myself along the way.

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The Spheres

As any self-respecting Seattleite will tell you—places like The Space Needle and Pike Place Market are tourist traps meant for the occasional visit with out of town guests. As far as I’m concerned, Amazon’s Spheres (known to be heard around town as ‘Bezo’s Balls’) fall into the same category. That is, until I actually took a proper tour. Unless you have access via an employee, The Spheres are only open to the public two Saturdays a month through pre-registration. Walking through the leafy canopy truly does feel like a muggy, misty jungle. The curated foliage is beautiful and creates a visceral sense of calm. This is one tourist trap I would gladly visit many times over if I could.