Ana Raab


During the summer of 2016, I traveled overseas completely on my own for the first time. Over the course of seven weeks, I wandered through Scandinavia exploring the Swedish heritage of my grandmother, made my way to Berlin by train, confronted the stark beauty of Iceland, and endeavored to find a small piece of myself along the way.

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Danny Woo Community Garden

Right smack in the middle of Seattle’s bustling Chinatown/International District, perched on the side of a slope, sits a quiet, sanctuary of a community garden hidden in plain sight—Danny Woo Community Garden. Up until a few days ago, I had no idea this gem even existed. It’s easy to pass right by without a clue of what you’re missing. Just take a look at the cherry trees in bloom and you’ll have a sense of the tranquility that awaits the curious explorer eager for a respite from the hustle and bustle of city life.