Ana Raab


During the summer of 2016, I traveled overseas completely on my own for the first time. Over the course of seven weeks, I wandered through Scandinavia exploring the Swedish heritage of my grandmother, made my way to Berlin by train, and confronted the stark beauty of Iceland—stretching myself along the way.

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Icelandic Textures

Can we all agree Iceland is having a moment? I've been hearing about this stunning place for years, as has everyone else too. Upon visiting The Golden Circle, one of the most popular tourist attractions, it was elbow to elbow! Something tells me even just a few years ago, the country was probably a ghost town. I can see I'm a little late to the party! Regardless, the Golden Circle is well worth a visit as it consists of three of the country's greatest natural phenomena and historical sights. The first being the world's original geyser, named *drum roll* Geysir from which the English word "geyser" derives from. Second is the beautiful Gullfoss Waterfall which cascades down into a deep narrow gorge, creating massive sprays of mist as it descends. And last is the Thingvellir National Park wherein settlers founded the world's first parliament in the year 930 and from which you can see the movement of tectonic plates beneath the earth. The American and the Eurasian plates continuously drift apart creating huge fissures and faults in the land here. On average, the plates move 2.5cm annually. Natural beauty confronts you at every turn here, but I've been most taken with the stunning colors and textures in the details. These are just a few from the geothermal area around Geysir and Thingvellir.